Natural SPA

Health tourism in Ulcinj

Health tourism in Ulcinj, due to its extraordinary factors, the clean and clear sea, the curing sandy beaches, the sulfur mineral water, the curing mud, the sea salt, and its stem alkalis, the mild stimulative coastal climate, Ulcinj is a natural spa with perfect qualities, well known all over the world. Prof. Not (Noht), the manager of the Institute for Tropical Diseases in Hamburg, made the following statement as he was staying in Ulcinj in 1925: “I have never seen a place filled up by stars as it is Ulcinj“. The value of this area is great and versatile for the human body, and professor Dr. Lemoh (Lemoch), president of the European League for Rheumatism, while staying in Ulcinj in 1964 said: “In a therapeutic sense Ulcinj has got a great future“. A scientist of a worldwide reputation Mihailo Pupin demanded in June 1919 through his deputy from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Kingdom of Montenegro a license for opening a sanatorium for treating certain conditions and diseases. All this contributed to the fact that in 1929 Ulcinj was claimed to be „a spa and climatic resort“ by the decree of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. The advantages of the Ulcinj climate are most significant for its living conditions, and the sea temperature ensures the possibility of sunbathing for 6 months, from May to October. In summer the sea transparency reaches 38 m and on the open sea in front of Ulcinj, it measured even 56 m which was the highest level in the Adriatic Sea.

Health tourism in Ulcinj

Natural healing

Sandy beach

The sand on the beaches is actually providing these long healing effects since it is so clean, so fine and it contains no impurities like soil, mud, organic materials or others due to the fact that Ulcinj is surrounded by an unpolluted environment, with no industry at all. From the chemical composition the Ulcinj sand has about 30 mineral ingredients which are biologically very active. It is slightly radioactive which makes it suitable for medical use, especially when it comes to diseases with organs used for movement as well as spine problems, rheumatism, discopathy, sciatica and all the consquences if these organs get hurt.


The sulfur water

The sulfur water arising nearby the sea on the Ladies Beach has got „miraculous“ healing effects. It is said that this water can help barren women. When it comes to the mineral composition, then it is very rich with them. The mineral mud (peloid) is spread around the basin of the Ulcinj saltern 2 km from the sea. Scientific examinations of this mud confirm that it is one of the best quality muds ever found and examined on the Adriatic.

The unrefined sea salt which is taken from the basin of the saline in Ulcinj has got „concentrated sea“, which can be used for medical purpose just by adding simple water, so that even at home the same effects that we get from sea water can be achieved, and it is particularly suitable for curing of rheumatism and all the organs used for movement.

All these factors can sometimes replace medicines and sometimes with their help better and lasting curing results can be achieved. Seldom one can find so many natural curing features just at one place.

Health tourism in Ulcinj