The resort stands on a wonderful place in the middle of a nature reserve with a breathtaking panoramic view, close to the oldest city in the Atria coast. It can be used in various ways, such as a top private club, health center, resort for relaxation, clinic for the mentally ill, spa and recreation area, facility for hunters, or simply as an investment property for sale or rental for the summer months. Since it is completely isolated, in the middle of a nature park of around 10,000 hectares in size, other types of use are certainly conceivable and feasible.

Due to the current situation, we set the sales price fro 1155 € per square meter. The value of each individual villa and bungalow will probably increase by 30% after the situation has recovered.

At the latest, however, when Montenegro becomes a full EU member, we calculate with at least another 100% gradient and more.

The individual objects are also suitable for subletting or as value protection for a later sale.

Note: The market price for luxury real estate Villa in Montenegro is between 2500 – 8000 / sqm, depending on the location. Few villas on the market have this size of land plus an additional park within the resort.

MINIMUM Calculation in 48 months

AFTER around 48 months the price will be around:

Montenegro is now building a bridge over the Buna River, which connects Albania with Montenegro, along the coast to Greece.

The guests from North Macedonia will now all get to the popular holiday destination faster. We already have an increase in value of 25% from the last year, on the square meter! As soon as the bridge is finished, prices will go up.

Experts expect at least a 40% increase in value in the coming months, especially in Montenegro. The selling price will be go up to 3800+ €, special in Ulcinj- Montenegro.