Where the war falls silent: Unique coexistence between Russians and Ukrainians in Montenegro

As the world watches the bitter conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Montenegro offers a picture of hope and peace. In this small Balkan state, thousands of people from both nations live side by side, united in their desire for a harmonious life.

Attraction point Montenegro:

Montenegro’s Mediterranean beauty, Orthodox culture and the hospitality of its people hold great appeal for Russians and Ukrainians alike. In recent years, especially since the outbreak of war in Ukraine, the number of migrants from both countries has risen steadily.

Community instead of division:

In Montenegro we are not experiencing division, but rather impressive togetherness. In the Church of the Holy Trinity in Budva, Russian and Ukrainian voices sing together in a choir, united by their common religion and longing for peace.

Understanding and tolerance characterize coexistence:

“They feel at home here, all differences are put aside,” says priest Aleksandar Lekic, describing the atmosphere. The Russian couple Roman and Lucia Volubiuev confirm this: “We had no problems. We are understood and we understand the situation of the Ukrainians.”

Glimmer of hope in the midst of the crisis:

While other parts of the world are plagued by tensions and conflicts, Montenegro is an example of how peaceful coexistence can succeed despite different backgrounds and political explosiveness. The people of Montenegro, Russians and Ukrainians alike, are praying for an end to the war and longing for peaceful coexistence.

Montenegro as a symbol of hope:

The situation in Montenegro is unique and represents a remarkable sign of hope in the midst of the global crisis. The country is showing the world that peaceful coexistence is possible when tolerance and mutual understanding are paramount.

In Montenegro there is hope for a peaceful future that transcends the borders of nations and political conflicts.