Risan in Montenegro: Immerse yourself in history on the Gulf of Kotor

Where Illyrians, Romans and legends come to life

Risan, located on the coast of Montenegro, is more than just a charming town. It is a place where the past comes alive. Founded by the Illyrian Rhizonite tribe, Risan has a rich history shaped by diverse cultures.

Time travel through the eras

The city was first mentioned in the 3rd century BC. BC as rhizinium. For a long time it was the most important settlement in the Bay of Kotor, which was even called Sinus Rhizonikus. Illyrian coins, the patron god Medaurus and the first reign of King Agron and Queen Teuta bear witness to the glorious past.

Teuta: Queen, warrior, legend

Queen Teuta in particular shaped the history of Risan. After her husband’s death, she took power and led the Illyrian state into a golden era. She protected her country, expanded it and came into conflict with the Greeks and Romans. Their pirate ships caused fear and terror in the Adriatic, which ultimately led to war with Rome.

In 229-228 BC In 400 BC the Romans conquered the city and Teuta jumped into the sea from a cliff above her beloved city, choosing death over surrender.


On the trail of the past

In 2000, large-scale archaeological excavations began in Risan.
Today, archaeological finds such as the Queen Teuta Palace, discovered in 2016, testify to the world’s first palace of the Illyrian kings. The remains of the ancient city, including the Roman villa with mosaics, invite you to take a journey into the past.

Legends and oleanders

A legend tells of the oleander city that sank into the sea. The Illyrians used the poisonous sap of the oleanders for their arrowheads and thus lured their enemies into a trap. On the spot where Queen Teuta died, there is now a hotel that bears her name.

Risan: Unique travel destination

Pliny the Younger describes Rhizinium as a fortified city with 10,000 Roman citizens. In its time it was a large developed settlement. Today, Risan has around 2,000 inhabitants and is a small, charming town that carefully preserves its historical heritage.

Risan is more than just a place to relax. It is a place that invites you to discover, to immerse yourself in history and to experience the legends that surround the city. Let yourself be enchanted by the atmosphere and experience Risan – a unique specimen on the Montenegrin coast.